The reaction to yesterdays post was fully expected. I was waiting to be called a misogynist, and it happened, (though to be honest I wasn’t expecting to being accused of being a rapist). It sure is an easy label to throw around. Kind of like if you mention that you happen to think that Israeli settlements are out of order then you immediately get labelled as an anti-semite, (queue all the comments hounding on me about comparing hating women to hating jews). One part of my post was seized upon and taken as the crux of my argument when in reality it was merely a somewhat ironic observation. Because of this it was assumed that I am some sort of sexual drop-kick who has spent the last twenty years of his life gnashing his teeth over the failure of hawt chicks in high school to give him the time of day whilst being unable to hold down a job and thus craves the opportunity to use this against the wymens of the world.

Ironic when you think about it, no? Got to love me some stereotyping.

Perhaps not. People latch onto any part of an argument that will give them ammunition, even if it means ignoring the actual facts that had been put forward.

WoW is part of an imaginary fantasy world which we use as an escape. Attempting to impose real-world issues and conditions on an imaginary world goes a long way to missing the entire point. As a male do I get all self-conscious and insecure because male figures in WoW are of a grotesquely muscular bent and in the real world I am not? Does my pysche suffer due to the fact that most of the baddies in the imaginary world are male, and thus I must jump to the conclusion that all males must inherently be evil and bad? Am I walking around counting how many times I see something that is of a male demographic and comparing it to how many female examples I can find?

It doesn’t even fucking register.

And what right would I have to try and change the game for other players purely based on my own personal set of issues? (If you take what people commented on yesterdays post then apparently I would want to have women thrown out of the game entirely apart from the few that we could string up in the town square for a good round of rape). Trying to impose real world conditions, and attempting to find role models in an online fantasy video game takes self-importance and ego driven delusion to what I thought were unscaleable heights. Which is fine, if that is your own fucked up reality. But attempting to influence the game that I play and change it to suit your own agenda of political correctness is somewhat insulting. Accusing me of being a mysognist for taking a stand against it is a cheap shot and a sign of moral cowardice.

My idea of a fantasy world is not restricted to some scantilly clad female crouched at the feet of a leering barbarian king, (although I’ll never pass that up). But as soon as you step upon the path of imposing real world conditions on a fantasy world, then you may as well chuck the whole thing in the bin and start again. I mean, where would it stop? Where would the line be drawn? I’ve seen feminists trying to decide on a common issue, and it isn’t very pretty. Not to mention we may as well let the gay community voice their displeasure at not being represented and thus this setting a bad example for the little kiddies out there. Why don’t we let religious groups in? And then athiests and anti-thiests just to even the score. Oh and we can’t leave out those pathetic fence-sitting agonstics as well. If you include one, if you bow to one pressure group to get an element of the game changed to reflect a real world issue then you must accept all of them.

Does that all seem ridiculous? Of course it does, which is my point. There is no room in the game for this nonsense. There is no “under-representation” in WoW because that is not the point of the game. Why are you coming to play a fantasy sword and sorcery game to get real world representation? And more to the point, why are you trying to impose that on me?