Three years ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about people being crappy rogues. The last point I made was to poke fun at dwarf rogues, which is perfectly reasonable if you ask me. Anyway, there were a couple of comments on that post that I did not approve at the time. Not because I wanted to block these views but because I didn’t want this person to have a free reign to comment on my site, (both comments are from the same person using different names but on a single email address; we’re not talking genius here.) If I approve someone’s comment then they are allowed to automatically comment in the future unless I retract their permission. However, in the time it takes me to catch them, people like these can get up to a fair bit of mischief.

So I didn’t post the comments, but I didn’t delete them either, and they’ve been sitting in my comments box looking at me for three years now. Time for them to have their moment in the sun. On a Sunday. When nobody is around. So to brighten up those few people who do visit my site on a Sunday, here are the two comments in question, in full, from a player who I assume was a little upset at me dishing it out at dwarf rogues.

From “Fuck u”

“… lol im a gladiator on my dwarf rogue, unless ur many times glad then fuck off, racials is not equal to skill, instead of adding dont be a dwarf rogue why not add something like keyboard turning clicking which u probably do fucktard. Rogues are one of the few classes that u cant be good at keyboard turning or clicking so fuck off dwarf rogue. And stoneform is extremely useful if u know how to use it, if ur counting on racials for pvp then just cancel ur subscription since ur probably at 1500 arena rating atm …”

From “lol troll detected” in reply to “Fuck u”

“… btw, if ur good u wont need ur racial or anything since they dont really do much and makes really small differences similar to profession. “Why is your DPS really low? Well, lets have a close look at all those points that you have in the subtlety tree …”, probably not the spec idiot but the clicking part.

“The sound of your pets wings flapping is very annoying. I don’t care if the parrot makes you look more like a pirate, put it the fuck away. turn ur sound off or just leave group
“You die early on and keep writing ‘Rez me!’ in the chat box while we’re still fighting.” called a battle rez herp derp
“Your name has the word ‘killer’ somewhere in it. Examples, Deathkiller, Killerguy, thekilla, killsforgolds, killsyoualls, etc” if u dont like it leave group
“Did you know that you can use your kick ability to interrupt spellcasters, particularly the healers? Oh no, you didn’t? And I am a fucktard for telling you? Well, how about that.” did u know a mage can also use counterspell?
“There is a reason why nobody is a dwarf rogue you know.” if ur saying race=skill or makes a difference quit wow …”