I’ve gone two weeks without a post, which is the longest period since I began writing in my own tiny corner of the blogosphere. I have been very busy at work, but that hasn’t stopped me writing before. I haven’t been playing much either, but that also has not previously been much of a detriment to me spewing out words. The big reason that writing has slowed is due to the simple fact that there doesn’t seem to be that much to write about. Take a look around at what other bloggers are doing and apart from a few hardcore cases that pound away regardless, I would have to say that this is a growing trend. It’s a very unexciting time in the MMO world. Rift has just about burnt itself out, a bunch of games have gone free to play, and WoW stumbles on as the de facto leader of the pack able to get away with anything for the simple fact that there aren’t that many interesting options.

I’ve been playing a bit of Civ V which had a huge patch at the end of June which seems to have taken it a step closer towards the ‘Just one more turn’ addiction level. Still many, many problems, but much better than when it was released. A big reason for me not playing is that I’m still waiting for a decent hardline internet connection for my home. But until that materializes I’m stuck trying to hold off the fucking Aztecs. There isn’t even a decent blogging war going on at the moment, a sure fire sign that people are feeling the pinch. That or they’re lying on a beach somewhere and couldn’t give a shit.

This is not one of those reassure type posts where the blogger has been silent for a while and then pops up reassuring everyone with loving platitudes that they will be back to full time posting really really soon, only to never be heard from again. But I’m not going to churn out words just to fill a vacuum. Take heed gaming companies, the market is very uninspiring at present due to the fact that you’ve all been pretty fucking lame for the last few years. So pick up your game so I can stop being a masochist on Civ V.