Happy Christmas to me.

It’s been almost four years since I purchased my 17 inch screen Samsung RF711 laptop. With it’s I7 processor and 4 gig of ram, back in the day this was a hefty beast. But earlier this year the hard drive crashed and was replaced on warranty, and lately it’s been making strange clicking noises and turning itself off at inopportune times, symptoms which suggest the imminent demise of the motherboard. Not a good thing in laptops.

I suppose I could have struggled on while donating money to starving children, or refugees, or some poor lost 18 year old who desperately wants to go into hock for a valuable arts degree which the world needs so very badly. But then I discovered a little site called mwave which has a tasty range of gaming rigs for us Aussie folks. And I decided to forgo all laptops and treat myself to a Vox Eminor Overclocked Gaming PC. Yeah baby!

What has it got? Well, it has some of the good stuffs.

Firstly the video card is an MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB Video Card. Tasty.

Then we have 16GB of Corsair Vengeance Ram to get things moving, as well as a nice little Intel Core i7 4790K Quad Core LGA 1150 4.0GHz Unlocked CPU Processor. Throw in your normal hard drive monster with a solid state for good measure and things are looking mighty nice. With an MSI Z97-MPOWER Intel LGA 1150 ATX Motherboard and over 700 watts of power supply, I sure hope the Corsair Hydro Series H105 Liquid CPU Cooler and top of the range twin fans can keep it all running cool, (hot tip – they are).

I needed a new monitor so I got a nice LG flicker-free 27 inch, plus a Razor keyboard and some nice speakers and a new headset. I kept my old mouse, which I have a strong attachment too, (the wife is jealous).

And now I sit here while I wait for the bloody thing to download all of my games.

Oh, the case is nice too, as it is all cool looking and has a clear window on the side so I can see shiny lights and cables and things.

Tomorrow I need to go shopping for a present for the wife. She asked me what I wanted and I said, “I’m sorted, baby!”

ps, if you can’t brag on your own fucking gaming blog about your new sweet-ass gaming rig then where the hell can you brag about it.

Target Australia, under pressure from activist groups, banned the sale of GTA V to very little moaning from the broader internet gaming community. It seems that if the government wants to censor games then that is bad, but if a private company bows to censorship then that is fine and it’s just capitalism, man. Cause you know, freedom of choice and everything. At least you think that way if you have a brain about the size of a fucking peanut. Good on you once again, Damion Schubert. Really, since discovering his blog it’s been a endless parade of fail-hit after fail-hit. One to keep the juices of any bastard flowing.

But the part of his post that best sums up people’s miserable understanding of how the world actually works is in the comments section. Halfeatenmoon says:

“… I went to a Target (Australia) shop the other day. Within a few minutes’ walk there were two other shops I could buy GTA V from, if I wanted to. I’m not all that worried about my freedom …”

Their mistake is assuming that the activists involved will be satisfied with hitting Target. Rule number numero uno with activists and do-gooders in general – they are never satisfied, they are only emboldened.

But this is the great apathy trait that covers most of society in a globulous hardened mold. “As long as I’m not being specifically bothered, then I don’t really give a shit.” Which is the way it’s always gone throughout history. The most famous quote in this aspect is the one by Martin Niemöller:

“… In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up …”

And this apathetic worldview is the reason why the vast majority of gamers and gaming bloggers don’t care about Gamergate. But it’s also the reason why the movement is so important. The Hard Left have always counted on society’s apathy to take over institutions, but this is the first time that there has been a committed push back. Sure GamerGate is about corruption in journalism, but at its underlying core it is about drawing a line in the sand and not bowing to the activists or their methods of attack.

If they ban it from one store, then you don’t care cause there’s another down the road.
And if they ban it from that store, then there’s one around the corner.
And if they ban it from all the stores then you’ll just download it from the internet.
And if they ban it from the internet well … you’re now a criminal for playing a game.
And laws are enforced by people carrying guns.

I’m still in ArcheAge and enjoying it, but goddam this game has been having some problems lately. With exploits galore, bots rampant, gold sellers going nuts, (and by the way, it now seems that mail sent by gold sellers in game can’t be deleted for some reason – the only option is just to send it back. Which is fucking bizarre), and players deserting the game and going back to WoW.

I have no intention of going back to WoW as I have seen the sandbox light. If ArcheAge goes under I still have some tasty sandbox morsels on the horizon such as Camelot Unchained. But the thing that really makes me scratch my head with puzzlement over the ArcheAge debacle is what is going on at Trion.

Let me explain a little something to you. In my working experience which has covered a wide variety of fields all over the world I can confidently put anyone I have worked with into two broad categories. Those who take pride in their work, no matter what it is, and those that do not. The ones who take pride in whatever it is they’re doing tend to be vastly outnumbered. And taking pride isn’t just trying to do the best you can. It’s also about not taking advantage of people or situations for the wrong reasons. It means you possess ethics.

If I were working at Trion in some management position of importance to this game, I wouldn’t be able to take any pride in my work at the moment. There are just too many stuff-ups, and too much belated response. Which leads me to believe that nobody who matters at Trion actually gives a shit about ArcheAge which means they don’t take pride in their work. And if this is true then the game really is doomed. They might be able to plaster over some holes but fundamentally it will stay the same. You can’t fake taking pride anymore than you can fake sincerity. After all, they are one and the same thing.

In the meantime I’ll keep playing away, watching the price of land fall further and further, (you can pick up an 8X8 pretty easily for 50 gold right now), and getting myself to the level cap. And I’ll keep hoping that someone at Trion will step up and start taking some fucking pride in their work.

I love games. I have played them in some form or another all my life. I count myself fortunate to have seen my hobby expand and develop in new and exciting directions. And I value it enough to want to defend it when its very existence is threatened. In Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’, the character of Ellsworth Toohey is the main villain of the piece. It’s startling how prescient Rand was. Toohey’s tactics of infiltrating and tearing down of an institution by the gradual erosion of its standards is the tactic du jour for the left and their long march through our cultural institutions. They have contaminated and torn down universities and schools, social groups and networks, (such as the CWA in Australia), the media, journalism, art, film and books. Their destruction of the science fiction genre is an illustrative case in point. The Nebula and Hugo awards today mean nothing, a heady fall from grace in a mere 25 years which began in 1988. I was seventeen that year and I have watched the dissolution of a genre I loved with helpless despair.

And now they want our games. And they are using the same tactics as before. A concession here, a seemingly small change there. A gradual building up done with infinite patience over a long period of time. But the key to their assault has always been patience, and that is where they fell down with GamerGate. The ease with which they have won in so many fields of battle made them overconfident and weak. And they played their hand too quickly. And they reacted far too quickly when the general gaming population stirred.

“Depression Quest” was not a game. That was the point. Their tactic has always been to create poor hollow parodies of the art they hate and cannot replicate for lack of talent. The trick has been to get their versions accepted as the norm. Death by a thousand cuts. Controlling the media is the key to winning this in the gaming industry. Controlling the Nebula and Hugo awards was key to overcoming the science fiction genre, amongst other things.

GamerGate is about the gaming media, of course, but one must not confuse the issue and equate that the gaming media is GamerGate, because it is not. Gamergate is a reaction to the attempted subversion of the gaming industry to the left’s long march through all of our cultural institutions. It is the ultimate defense to their attack and it is vitally important to anyone who values games. To put it simply, if enough people do not stand and recognise this then we will not have a gaming hobby in the years to come. We will only have the games that they tell us we can have.

On the one hand I rejoice in the fact that Gamergate has come about. On the other hand I lament the deafening silence from the general gaming blogging community. They cannot or will not see the danger at the door. The wolf lying in their bed in grandmother’s clothing. Anita Sarkeesian is one of these wolves. She is the Ellsworth Toohey of the gaming industry, but without the smarts or the cruel ability. And she has just been publicly eviscerated. Will it wake up my fellow bloggers and gamers? Probably not, but one would be a start.

Have you ever heard of the IGDA? Until yesterday, I hadn’t. Apparently they’re the “International Game developers Association” that have a sub-branch called WiG, (Women in Games …). I heard about them yesterday due to the fact that they actively supported, promoted, and it may turn out helped get off the ground a nice little Twitter “blockerbase” designed to block twitter accounts from their users twitter lists under the pretext of those being blocked being labelled guilty of harassment, a word which is in great danger of falling off a cliff due to being used incorrectly. I’m pretty disappointed at not being on the list. Other #GamerGate supporters are apparently launching legal action. Twitter has, of course, exploded, (another word in danger of dissolving into obsolescence).


All of this is fun and illuminating in many ways. #GamerGate continues into its third month, a lifetime on the internet, and i can tell you that it’s not 100 users making 60% 0f the posts. Good old Damion Schubert continues to post about #GamerGate without drawing pause for breath, whilst simultaneously declaring it a dud warhorse devoid of any influence. And apart from banning on general lists, (that one I linked to, by the way, includes over 10,000 twitter accounts), there’s now the resounding push from the anti-#GamerGate camp to label any supporters of the #GamerGate movement as … wait for it … misogynists.

You’d think they’d come up with something new by now.


Let’s talk about this miserable excuse for a man who has articulated so thoughtfully his position on the topic. Leaving aside the fact he is brandishing a knife, [is he insinuating that he’s going to go all ‘Jihad John’ on our asses? – ED], this is what you could happily label a “useful idiot”, although we’d have to leave our definition of the term useful rather broad. He is a white knight. He is a member of the male gender who is unable to attract a woman in the traditional sense, (assuming in this day and age that it is in fact a female that he wants to attract). To compensate for this handicap, these individuals seek to insinuate themselves on the side of that which they so desperately desire. With the left, it’s always about the sex you know. At school, if in fact he’s not still there, his strategy would have been to position himself as a girl’s male best friend. He would be her shoulder to cry on when those nasty boyfriends that she dated treated her badly. And he would constantly agonise over why she couldn’t see that he was the perfect guy for her.

These sad people become older, although they don’t grow up. Damion Schubert is simply a more sophisticated version but still cut from the same cloth. As they become more repressed, so their feelings of outraged indignity intensify. They will charge in to defend women at any price, in any situation, on any battlefield. No matter the nature of the person they are seeking to protect, she is above reproach because she is a she. And anyone who attacks her, and attacking means just being on the side of those who desire no more collusion and corruption in gaming journalism, is labelled a misogynist.

These members of the male gender are traitors to their own sex. They are quislings and they should be treated as the pariahs they are. They see no hypocrisy in their stance. The fact that they themselves are members of what they are seeking to condemn does not hold weight nor occur to them. They are apologists for an extreme feminist movement that would like nothing better than to see men wiped from the face of the earth as they dream of a future utopia where children are conceived artificially from banks of frozen sperm. The battlefield of #GamerGate is merely another front in the war on men in which these parasitic creatures so gleefully participate.

And they’re still not getting laid. Because the worst thing you can do is put the pussy on a pedestal.

Soon after you begin playing ArcheAge you will begin to wonder how to get some of your very own land. Even if this was never your gaming intention, you will succumb. As you journey through the world you will see player farms, houses, aquatic farms and housing, castles, workstations, and nudist colonies. And you will start to want your very own piece of the world. And then you will cry and mash your face against your keyboard in frustration.

Here are a few tips to help you through the wilderness. Firstly, there are two ways to get land – buy some or do some starter quests and be lucky enough to find an unclaimed plot. Buying is fraught with danger as there are unscrupulous individuals who like nothing better than to take your coin and run for the hills. It works like this; buyer gives them the money to buy the land, they take the money and laugh in buyer’s face. Or, they dismantle their plot for the buyer to place their own, which they do and then the buyer laughs in the seller’s face.

How to Buy:

One of the two parties needs appraisal certificates which can be purchased from the in-game store or on the auction house. The party that stumps up the certs will lose 15% of the transaction due to the costs involved so negotiate wisely on this one. With the certs in hand the seller can open a window which lets them set the selling price, (the number of certs required will reflect this), and then they can list the property for sale. They can put the property up for general sale, (some little 4 sale signs will pop up in each corner of the plot), or they can specify a buyer by name, which is hopefully you. If they specify by name then only that player can click on the signs and complete the transaction.

If you sell your original 16X16 farm plot you cannot obtain another one in game except by purchasing another. Also, as far as I can ascertain, it’s not possible to sell 8X8s in this manner, so be very wary of scam merchants trying to pull a swifty on you.

How to Build:

Soon after you start a new toon you will stumble across a quest with the Blue Salt Brotherhood about farming. Following this quest to its conclusion gives you a small farm plan and the materials to set it up. This is the only way to get a small farm in the game. These cannot be purchased by any means. You cannot even sell them between alts, or even mail them between alts for that matter. Set up your little farm if you can find a spot and now you can do a little bit of farming. Yey! Mine is on a little outcrop high up in Hasla.

But soon you will tire of the boundaries of this small property and yearn for bigger things. Complete the 16×16 quest line, (which involves you having to turn a trade pack into the enemy faction’s port across the sea – fun times!), and you have the plan for your large farm, (but not the mats.) Finding a spot for this baby, however, is vastly more difficult. Last night we had a rough dozen of our guildies at an expiring large scarecrow plot and it was nabbed by a player who wasn’t even there using a hacking program.

Small farm plots, thankfully, are easier to find and less fought over. With the release of the new expansion we’ve seen a number of these become available. As well, the price of land has fallen, with 16x16s going for around 400-600g gold, whereas before they’d routinely fetch 1400.

Multiple 8x8s:

This can be done, but not with farms. Let’s say you have your original 8×8 but another one is expiring soon near your isolated little plot and you’re salivating at the thought of picking up the land. The key is to claim it with a workstation such as a leatherworking or carpentry bench. The plans for these can be purchased on Mirage Isle using 30 gildas. Get your plan and plonk it down on the land, (hot tip – when placing the workbench, adjust it by 45 degrees so the corners are at right angles to the plot corners. This will enable you to utilise the corner spaces to plant small crops.) Now all you have to do is pay the taxes and build two trade packs, (stone and leather if you want to build a leatherworking bench for example), and you have another plot. A whole bunch of things can be added to a workstation, such as storage chests, farmers work stations, and decorative items. And now you’re well on your way to becoming an ArcheAge land baron … of sorts.

Last week, good old Damion Schubert wrote another long-winded waffle-bucket post outlining in excruciating dullness how us folks at #GamerGate supposedly had a terrible week.  You would think after reading that post, [only possible if you enjoy such pleasures as masturbating with a cheese-grater – ED], that the #GamerGate movement was about to surge down a plughole into oblivion.

But if we had a bad week last week, then the AntiGamergate movement has had a shitstorming fucktard of a week up to now. I joined Twitter for the express purpose of keeping up to date with events, and Lordy, it’s been an eye-opening experience. Here are just a few of the catastrophic adventures from the SJW pinky left who oppose good games and demand equalities and wymens and, you know the deal by now.

Schubert accused us of horrible Holocaust denial in his post, but at least we didn’t go around advocating that our opposition should all be thrown into Treblinka’s newly re-opened gas chambers. For that we have to thank a sniveling nobody known as Geordie Tait, who not only advocated the mass-killing of GamerGate supporters, (thanks mate), he also had an epic meltdown when the site he writes for changed their tagging system, resulting in him writing a long diatribe on facebook of all places when he assumed they’d struck out all his previous ‘articles.’ Fail-cake doesn’t get bigger than this.

But one nut-bag doesn’t represent the #anti-gamergate movement. Right?

Wrong. Here’s a nice catalog of industry figures giving their support to this little trumped-up Nazi, [apparently he likes his own Facebook posts – ED]. Thankfully the #GamerGate movement isn’t one to assume that one individual speaks for all …

Then we had major D list celebrity Wil Wheaton write a gloriously facile op-ed post in the Washington Post, where he advocated for the removal of anonymity in gaming, under the guise of if you’ve got nothing to hide why hide at all? The real reason that dropkicks like Wheaton desire this cloak to be lifted is that the person making a comment is more important than the comment itself. They’d like nothing more than to be able to go on a personal attack on any individual that crosses their path, which of course is hugely ironic considering the majority of their wailing is when their own tactic is turned against them. Mind you, I’m quite happy that good old Wil has jumped on the opposition’s bandwagon, although I’m not too sure that they’re all that happy about it.

Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos who tweets under the name @Nero, was banned from Twitter this week for apparently saying things that SJWs don’t like, [he’s the ‘wrong’ type of gay man as far as they’re concerned -ED]. 12 hours later his account was reinstated after a furious Twitter war resulted in the SJWs having a most short-lived victory. But as I tweeted, the only reason they tried to get him banned in the first place was because his words do great damage to their crumbling house.

But the best thing to come out of this week was #OpSKYNET, named for operation Skynet out of the terminator movies. This was launched in response to the previous week’s infighting which resulted in a lot of supporters of #GamerGate realising that they didn’t want to rely on authority figures within the movement to carry it forward. The movement is grassroots and intends to stay that way. We are advocating only one thing, and that is good games. #OpSKYNET was a huge success, so much in fact that poor old Schubert wrote a wailing post of angst in which he lamented at length on the fact that Twitter is broken because his side isn’t winning.

A week is a long time in #GamerGate.


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